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Looking forward to these new fashion sites.

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The Cools

A mix between a fashion Facebook and Ebay, The Cools is a cool way to compile fashionable things you have, want, and are inspired by. Complete with a profile consisting of an about, wall, albums, and lists, you have every tool you need to expand and spread your sense of style. Users are able to post pictures of items they own and then sell items they are looking to get rid of or share with other users. This SoHo startup not only boasts a new innovative fashion site but also hosts a monthly get together to break the ice for other SoHo startups and any geek in the area. It’s great for making new connections, relaxing with some brew after a day at work, and hanging out with fun, ambitious people with interests like your own. Check these guys out and be sure to attend a New Geeks On The Block party to meet the awesome faces behind this site.


I heard about this site from a friend via Twitter. Everything about this site invites you in. The beautiful site design, affordable designer-quality basics, and GASP! new limited catagory launches every month! Who the heck doesn’t want luxury goods priced within their budget?! I sure do. This site sounds terribly promising and I can’t wait to get access. The prices may not break the bank but the amount of things you’ll end up buying from this site will not only break the bank but sink your entire bank account into the negatives. I pray you all have overdraft protection.


I had the pleasure of meeting one of the women working, Elena Silenok, on Clothia at a local event and lets just say I’m very excited to play around on this site and add it to my list of daily to-dos. Clothia is pretty much a fashionista’s dream and a shopaholic’s best friend. Fashionable closet collections and a virtual fitting room? I can already feel my dinner going straight to my thighs from sitting at my computer for hours at a time “trying on” outfits. Feel free to stray from this blog and join a gym so you’ll look as good as you’ll feel in the styles you’ll find at Clothia.

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The Cools
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