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Spring 2012

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6 fashion tip/trends for Spring.

Here are a couple Spring 2012 trends and some risky Pre-Fall trends for you go-getters! There’s no time like the present.

1. Asymmetrical Hemlines
Hi-lo shirts. Fishtail skirts. Anything but even.

2. Oceanic Style
Blues, Teals, and greens. Fishtail and mermaid skirts. Pearls and sequins. It’ll be easy to go aquatic this spring.

3. Layered Jackets
Why wear one jacket when you can wear two? Pair a blazer with a heavier coat or go wild and try two similar styled jackets on top of each other. Not only will you stay extra warm, but you can use this opportunity to leave the jackets open to show off your layers!

4. Long Gloves
Don’t think satiny prom gloves. Think comfortable woven gloves or beautifully tailored leather gloves. The length will feel elegant while the material keeps this style down to Earth. Check out Daniel Storto. Unbeknownst to many, this man’s shop is right next to the town I grew up in in upstate New York. If you’re lucky enough to get in line for a pair of these gorgeous pieces, consider yourself lucky. All of his gloves are made to order and the waiting list is typically months.

5. Knee High Boots
With a twist. These pre-fall boots aren’t for everyone. They basically widened or layered the ankle area of the boot giving you a ‘cankle’ look. Totally not my style. But, possibly up your alley. As seen on Givenchy.

6. No Make-Up
This could be the hardest (or easiest!) trend of spring. If you keep your makeup to a minimum, you’re all set this season! For all of you make-up fiends, use this season to show off the real you. The make-up-less you! Here’s a few tips for make-up haters and lovers alike.

a. Wear the least amount of make-up you feel comfortable wearing to start out. Diminish use from there.
c. Buy better products. If you’re going to lessen your make-up, splurge on a few essentials such as cover-up, mascara, and facial moisturizer.
d. If you NEED to wear make-up, focus on one thing. Like your eyes or lips.

For trendy spring colors, check out this link!

This year, it’s all about being bold and experimental. So get out there and try something new!

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Asymmetrical Hemline - Jason Wu Spring 2012
  1. Asymmetrical Hemline - Jason Wu Spring 2012
  2. Layered Jackets
  3. Long Gloves - Daniel Storto
  4. Cankle Boots - Givenchy