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Spring Gems

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Some Spring jewelry trends and tips.

Now that we’ve basically skipped winter, it’s time to bare some skin and layer on the jewelry.

One fantastic trend of the moment is oceanic and that goes double for jewelry. Oceanic tones, materials, and creatures are where it’s at!

Bugs. Jeweled beetles. Creepy-crawly baubles. Insect jewelry is all the rage and the bigger, the better!

In my experience, it’s better to invest in some quality jewelry. We’ve all been the victims of poorly crafted jewelry and it’s down-right embarrassing. Whether you’re allergic to nickel or just hate green markings left on your skin, it’s better to be safe than sorry. The outcome will be much more satisfying. I always keep my eyes out for good deals on great jewelry. You don’t always have to pay an arm and a leg to get the piece you’re looking for (but sometimes you do ha). These gold stackable rings pictured are a steal! And they come in gold, silver, or rose. Simple, classic, and always in style.

Seahorse Cuff and Conch Shell Ring Here
Cicada Earrings Here
Insect Bangle Here
Thread of Gold Stackable Rings Here
Raw Diamond Ring and all other trends Here

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Gold and Emerald Crystal Ring
  1. Gold and Emerald Crystal Ring
  2. Seahorse Cuff
  3. Conch Shell Ring
  4. Cicada Earrings
  5. Insect Bangle
  6. Thread of Gold Stackable Rings 1
  7. Thread of Gold Stackable Rings 2
  8. Raw Diamond Ring