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Versace for H&M UPDATE


A quick look into the new Versace for H&M collection.

So I managed to make a trip to H&M 34th Street and thought I would share my findings.

By the time I got there (early afternoon) almost everything was already snatched up. The only things left on the racks were odd sizes and some mildly unattractive pieces. There were some dresses, printed pants, plain shoes, and cheap looking accessories. The only thing left from the mens collection was a pair of shoes sitting atop a random rack. But, from the website and launch party pictures, I’m sad I missed the other pieces. And from what I saw, they were surprisingly well priced. But upon checking out Ebay, these pieces are going for an astounding rate. The only way I’m paying $600 for a Versace for H&M coat that looks like the one Kanye wore to the launch party is if Kanye actually wore it.

Overall, I missed all of the leather and studs but I wasn’t ready to wait in the opening line that stretched around the corner and down 7th Ave. I ended up picking up a book of fashion designers and one of the cool shopping bags.

Check out the collection on the H&M website and find a store carrying the collection near you!

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Versace for H&M shopping bag
  1. Versace for H&M shopping bag
  2. Versace for H&M dress
  3. Versace for H&M pants
  4. Versace for H&M accessories
  5. Versace for H&M mini bags
  6. Versace for H&M shoes
  7. Kanye West in Versace for H&M
  8. Selma Blair in Versace for H&M