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Watch the Throne

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Watch the Throne tour at Madison Square Garden NYC

First off – Happy Birthday to me!!

Second and more importantly:

If you haven’t gotten the chance to go to Jay Z and Kanye West’s Watch the Throne tour, you’re missing out.

Grab some tickets while you can, but don’t wait ’til the last minute. At that point you might as well buy round trip airfare and see it at a later date considering good seats were rumored to be going for thousands (I’m talking $30,000) an hour before the show in NYC.

Let’s talk fashion.

Kanye West

Okay, his leather kilt and pants ensemble was quite a show in itself but let’s face it. It’s Kanye West. Were you expecting anything less? Because I sure wasn’t. I know a lot of people in the hip-hop crowd were all “WHAT THE HECK?!”, but I loved it. Absolutely unexpected, wilin’ out, and created by the one and only Paris designer Givenchy. We should know Kanye by now though. Everything he wears is to get a rise out of people. He sets himself apart from the norm. And going by the Spring/Summer 2012 collections — men’s skirts are in. At the second show he wore relatively the same outfit with a different custom tee shirt.

Jay Z

Not much to say here. The Brooklyn boy was looking hood as usual in black jeans, black tees, a black New York Yankees hat with a patent snake skin brim, a watch, and some chains. His outfit didn’t change much from the first to the second show besides different black shirts and different watches.

Now the fun part.

The Crowd

I was expecting a much more diverse crowd but to my surprise, the real difference in style depended on the seats acquired. The VIP and floor level seats consisted of sky high heels, tight pants, sheer shirts, and leather. The general seating was everything from parents with young children to nerds and geeks.

The women were tall, dark, and handsome. Dressed their best in designer clothes with spotless makeup and hair. Lots of Louie Vuitton, Chanel, and Loubouton’s. Then, of course there were the few trend driven hipsters girls in tribal print and black leather skirts looking out of place (and probably feeling out of place). Most of the women were dressed quite tastefully, but a few were on the wild side. There were some girls in completely sheer shirts wearing only colorful bras underneath. There was even a girl with a backwards bathing suit on (the super low back kind) that exposed her whole chest and stomach with only an ill fitted bra covering her up. How weird. And unflattering. Whatever.

The guys were the not so typical preppy nerd gone hip hop. You know what I mean. Fitted shirts, fitted flat brim Yankee caps, designer jeans hung low, baller shoes, Members Only type jackets, heavy black rimmed glasses, and a gorgeous woman on their arm. I also had the pleasure of witnessing a man in a sailor suit (but not an official one), a guy in a fishnet shirt, and some crazy retro hairdos.


…the show was great and very entertaining. I’m definitely into the hip hop style. Especially the clean fitted ones. People took a cheap ghetto look and created a put together, colorful, modern style that screams originality and history. My favorite part of the show is knowing that everyone there was wearing what they thought looked best on them. They wore their favorite pieces in their favorite ways. Awesome.

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